Innovation School Product Design

Junjie Lin



“Understand A delicate balance of life”

Create a large information system for NEW PANGEA citizens to understand the biodiversity everywhere.

We started with the concept of NEW PANGEA. We want to use this name to represent that this system can eliminate the shackles between countries and bring the world together non-physically. NEW PANGEA, as a new country without borders, exists like a citizen of the world.
I started thinking about the different opportunities as a citizen of NEW PANGEA based on the concept of NEW PANGEA created by our group. What help and resources can be provided to the citizens of NEW PANGEA, and as a member of NEW PANGEA, how can they play their part to improve the status quo of the world.
it is crucial that we make environmental issues important to everyone, especially as we face increasingly urgent environmental challenges such as climate change, deforestation, and loss of biodiversity. Create a large information system for NEW PANGEA citizens. By sharing this information among citizens, you can get a huge information library, so that NEW PANGEA citizens can better understand the intelligence around them and the world, and use these intelligence and data to help them do things. come up with the best plans and solutions. I used some triangular elements, which can better echo the style of our NEW PANGEA.


“Ritual to Elevate Your Dining Sensory Experience”

A product that cleans and massages the tongue while simultaneously creating a pre-dinner ritual that enhances the dining experience both physically and mentally.

Human senses such as hearing, taste, smell, touch, etc., through the connection of multiple senses, greatly enhance people’s tactile experience in life experience. Create a life experience that is more in line with the human spirit, allowing us to sublimate from the pursuit of material needs to spiritual enjoyment at the “spiritual” level.
I focus on the human being who smokes and how smoking affects our sensory functions. Impaired taste is one example. These chemicals do not completely destroy the recognition ability of the taste buds, but the degree of recognition will be greatly reduced. It also dulls the olfactory nerves that recognize the aroma of food. Smokers often don’t realize that they can no longer enjoy the original taste of food. Fortunately, this taste damage is not permanent.
To create a better dining experience, I started looking for ways to improve my senses of taste and smell. Studies have found that massaging and cleaning the tongue can somewhat improve the sense of taste and, with the help of the sense of smell, create a pre-meal ritual. Not only helping smokers but improving the experience of all diners.
This is a primer served at restaurants. First, there will be a small test to judge the sensitivity of your tongue by the blue pigment staying on the tongue. You can choose different levels of primer according to the sensitivity. It’s a pre-meal ritual used to help diners get the best dining experience possible by stimulating your senses. And this product reimagines the interpretation of traditional tableware as a new way of cognition and application of tableware.