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Justine Shirley

The Thornwood Exchange Hub
Crow Road Housing Development

The Thornwood Exchange Hub

The Thornwood Exchange Hub aims to mitigate the impact of the cost of living crisis for the local community through the exchange of goods, ideas and skills.  The Hub provides a community workshops to upcycle furniture and clothes, with advice and learning programmes delivered by local makers. The Hub also aims to build relationships between different members and demographics  within Thornwood. Alongside this, the buildings is a mostly public space that is free, warm  and easy to access replacing the need for ‘warm banks’. Revenue is created in the shops, community kitchen and through the bookable meeting rooms/offices. As a not for profit model, this income will help fund the day to day running of the hub. The main hall is the central space of the hub and is based on the rough footprint of the former Partick Electrical Sub Station. The main hall will host a weekend market for local sellers and temporary exhibitions to test out ideas and responses to the cost of living crisis. This space is flexible and could work as a ‘Burgh Hall’ by hosting events/ meeting of political groups.

Aerial View
Reuse Ecology of Thornwood
Façade Testing
Structural Stratergy
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View of Main Entrance
Perspectival View of the Market Square

Crow Road Housing Development

The Crow Road Housing Development is one of 5 proposed flexible housing blocks in Thornwood, each with a commercial/ community on the ground floor. This mixed use housing is connected by a route of play space that links and extends existing green spaces in Thornwood. The new path will connect the fragmented neighbourhood in the area, and be activated by the new amenities offered by the commercial/community ground floor tenants.  By introducing a flexible housing model in Thornwood, the scheme aims to diversify the housing stock and create more 3+ bedroom dwellings, therefore enabling more diversity within the area. The housing offered will enable existing residents to put down long term roots in the area and encourage more young families to relocate to Thornwood.

As part of a new Housing Association, Crow Road Housing aims to use a flexible housing model to facilitate a range of household structures (i.e. multigenerational family, cohabiting friends, single parent households) and creating opportunities for the inhabitants to interact and create a neighbourhood within the building. The Girls Scout Centre, already on the site are incorporated into the building, along with a new greengrocer as the commercial/community ground floor amenities.

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Aerial View
Project Masterplan
External View
Plan 01
Plan 02
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