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Maria-Cristina Onea

Maria-Cristina Onea is  a Romanian multidisciplinary fine art practitioner working and studying in Glasgow; predominantly within the realm of analogue photography. They work with an anthropological lens. Their subject matter centres around a state of existence and  a state of transcendence within abstract landscape and tends to shape a documentative narrative whilst maintaining abstract forms through analogue photographic techniques. Maria takes an autobiographical viewpoint; focusing on the experience self, environment, and community through poetic documentation. Of late, they have been working with digital moving image and sound in order to explore these themes through time-based performance.

Previous projects I have worked on have looked at emotional terrains and landscapes, loss/ death, life cycles, familial narratives and spirituality.

Durée / Time Is Out Of Sync

Durée / Time Is Out Of Sync

“I pursue Durée / Time is Out Of Sync in attempt to encapsulate the essence of what it means to be passing through time. In particular, my own perception of time past.

At the root of the project lies an all enveloping confusion.

Within Henri Bergson’s theory of duration, he argues that ‘real time’ as opposed to his proposed ‘La Durée’ is based on a misperception; consisting of superimposing spatial concepts onto time, which then becomes a distorted version of the real thing. So time is perceived via a succession of separate, discreet spatial constructs.