MSA Stage 4 School of Architecture

Wiktoria Pelczynska

An active centre for wellbeing situated in The Barras, Glasgow. The design focuses on the main aspects of living well which are translated to; growing your own food, exercising and learning . Following reserch of Calton, it was apparent that the area lacked sufficiant fresh food markets and leasure spaces which can have a direct impact on the quality of life of local residents. Through this design proposal I have adressed the issue by brigning in a space where residents can grow their own food and pass on the knowlage in various settings such as the teaching kitchen or the public rooms linked to both the green house and main hall. This is followed by a multifunctional hall that can be opened up to the public from Bain street and used as a temporary market space as well as climbing zone, cafe and yoga studio. All working togetehr to bring better living into Calton.