MSA Stage 4 School of Architecture

Caitlin Rae

I am a stage 4 architecture student, retuning after my part 1 year out, working for jmarchitects. My work this year reflects the knowledge and styles I gained from my time there. The projects I have worked on this year surround 3 phases. Phases 01: Urban  Strategy, Phase 02:Urban Housing (‘The New Tenement), Phase 03: Urban Building (‘The Children of Thornwood Library). Within my showcase portfolio you will see works from both of my individual projects, Urban Housing and Urban Building. Both projects follow the key aspects of the 15 minutes city, but also the idea of typology within the Thornwood neighbourhood of Glasgow (given site).

Urban Housing: The New Tenement
Urban Building: The Children of Thornwood Library

Urban Housing: The New Tenement

The overall ideas for my housing masterplan follows 2 key ideas of the 15 Minute City model, ‘Streets for people’ and ‘Where everything is close to home’. I have designed a ‘heart of Thornwood’ within the site of Crathie Court with 14 new flats for both families and people with physical disabilities. The idea is for the complex to create a strong facade onto the street connecting to the existing tenements. This allows for a common back court to form between the newly proposed and the existing Crathie Court. The back court will become a safe community area for the residents of the flats and the residents of the surrounding housing to congregate. In keeping with the 15 Minute City philosophy I also propose a set of commercial retail units that can be used for shops, libraries, community events and cafes. This will allow a hub to form with in the back court creating a street specifically for the people of Thornwood.

As the new flats will join the disused end space of the tenements, I propose to connect to them via the tenement attic space. Renovating the space into 2 new flats that can be owned by the housing accusations. During a consultation with Patrick Housing Association they mentioned it is difficult to repair and maintain the tenement roofs as there is controversy as to who owns the attic spaces, due to the diverse range of tenants and landlords. If the housing association where to own these spaces, it would be allowed for easier repairs. This is also a concept that could be replicated through out Glasgow where there are tenements that abruptly end.

Proposed Crathie Drive

Concept Sketch

Bay Section with Technical Section

Crathie Drive Elevation

Proposed Terrace Sketch

Proposed Site Plan

Section Through Main Dwellings

Section Through Corner Dwellings

Step Section Through Retrofit Flats

RetroFit Floor Plan

Urban Building: The Children of Thornwood Library

The children of Thornwood is a children’s library located in the heart of the area right next to Thornwood Primary School and Thronwood park. This is an ideal location for children and families to congregate to learn, play and socialise. The library will be comprised of a fully stocked children library. A computer suite for after school homework help and other clubs. A multifunctional community space equipped with its own kitchenette and outdoor terrace. A cinema room which can be utilised by the primary school for events. And a cafe for parents too to catch up in as there kids enjoy this playful library.

The buildings shape is dictated by its site. The long thin site and the plan go hand in hand. However with residential tenements to the south and Thornwood Primary to the north creates a sensitivity issue on both elevations. This has led to numerous sky light through out the building protruding through multiple floors into the depths of the building.

Rendered Section Through Main Atriums

Thornwood Avenue Elevation

Proposed Axonometric

North Elevation

Library Visual

Cafe Visual

Multifuctional Community Hall

Space from Entrance to Library