Sound for the Moving Image

Haldane Building, 2 students

Our Sound for the Moving Image graduates create a body of self-directed work which brings together skills such as stereo sound production, fixed frame video and interactive system to multi-channel spatial audio, film and music for picture. The programme promotes the production of aesthetically challenging work that explores the limit of sound manipulation and evaluates and challenges perceptions of sound design and production for the moving image.

The diversity of the work is testament to the students’ close knit community, where they have supported eachothers ideas as they delved into intensive self-directed dissertations – for example, a student conducted user testing to engineer an altered state of consciousness in participants using Deep Listening methods and Light and Space animations; another investigated the materiality of sound, to discover how sound can be sculpted through bespoke glass cavities.

There are times where students showcase their eclectic humour, in a painstaking, surreal animation showing the great escape of members of a cheese-cult, and others where they show a deeply sensitive reverence for the experiences of war veterans, and even venturing beyond the human-centric to imagine the sounds that a water molecule would hear. Eve allows us to hear the “voice” of plants in a community garden, as she constructs a bio-sonification of 88 languages spoken in Govanhill. Throughout this Graduate Showcase, see how students from the BDes Sound for Moving Image use professional industry standards build worlds of sound appropriate for art galleries, experimental music performances, site specific audio tours, introspective soundscapes, and in doing so answer deeply philosophical questions. Congratulations!

Dr. Jessica Argo, Programme Leader

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The Skinny

from High Value Plastic (2024)

from Cardboard City (2023)


from Cardboard City (2023)

from High Value Plastic (2024)

from Icarus (2023/4)