MSA Stage 4 School of Architecture

Dhanush Reddy Raja


The works listed below are the academic projects that have been progressed throughout the semester of the Living in Agreement brief. They contain the urban housing and urban building project that is located in the Pollokshields region to develop social interaction and intervention by proposing changes to the urban streets and plazas.

The Expressive Corner

The Expressive Corner

The urban fabric of Pollokshields led me to explore the uncharted territory of strengthening community bonds, social interaction, and cultural sharing through performances, exhibitions, and artistic expressions in a communal space. This exploration inspired the proposal of a ‘social hybrid theatre centre’ at the heart of Pollokshields, located on Albert Drive opposite St. Albert’s Church, a landmark with historical significance, which could transform it into a holistic hub. The Victorian gardens and allotments on the north face of the site will play a pivotal role in creating an interactive and expressive corner, enhancing the flow of people and activities along Glenapp Street.

The built space will benefit diverse cultures and promote welfare and security, particularly for the LGBTQ community, empowering their ideologies and showcasing their narratives to foster inclusivity in the neighbourhood. This initiative aims to celebrate identity and cultural differences through performances, fostering mutual understanding and community cohesion, thereby shaping a unique and exemplary neighborhood within Glasgow.

The Bay windows observed throughout Albert Drive and the Pollokshields neighborhood are iconic to the street and when observed at an edge we can see the busy angles of the window facade that influenced the dynamic of the concept. To recreate the busy elevation observed and preserve the continuation of the repeated verticality, the bay window form was repurposed as filtration systems into planter boxes to create a green ecosystem and create a calm visual aspect when compared to the bustling Albert Drive.

Cross section of the Expressive corner

The section displaying the activities, voids and volumes in the urban building described in detail.