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The Urban Food Exchange
Environmental Design

The Urban Food Exchange

By 2050 the urban population will have doubled what it is now, creating more populated cities with a much higher demand for fresh produce. The closer the food can be sourced, the fresher it is when it is plated up. The urban food exchange proposal aims to provide fresh, high quality produce to the local community and distribute the goods to the wider city and beyond through repurposing the Scotlands canal system. The UFEX provides a community hub for nutritional, agricultural and horticultural learning. The crops will be transported from various community garden sites along the canal bank by boat to the UFEX Hub.

The design provides residential spaces which are flexible and social. The accommodation has been designed for young children and adults. The space provides shared bedrooms to increase socialising during the sorter stays and private accommodation for the long term stays. Through staying at the UFEX the occupants will explore together the journey of food, from seed to crop to mouth.
Situated in an urban setting the building uses a courtyard form to create a feeling of a protective secure space for the community to share their cultures and knowledge on food production. A series of large overhangs provide people with a space to gather with one another which is flexible and sheltered from the elements. This vertical courtyard is used as a herb garden to encourage the locals to connect with their cultures through sharing various ingredients and recipes. This also creates a connection between the hub, the house and the wider community.

Page 1 - Setting the scene

Page 2 - Immediate context

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Page 6 - North and South elevations

Page 7 - Interior visualisations (left) hub production space (right) house kitchen space

Page 8 - Technical details

Page 9 - Courtyard visualisation

Environmental Design

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