MSA Stage 4 School of Architecture

Harry Baker

Archive of Lost Glasgow

Archive of Lost Glasgow

The concept of the brief is structured around opposing the functional city, opposition is asserted because this method of city planning is centered around stripping out the effects of time and regards history as an obstacle to optimisation. However, it is not just for things to be beautiful or for history to be continued but, it’s for them to be possessed of a spark of authentic life and character fullness. Instead, the presence of buildings and even a city, should not be interpreted as an element that appears as such but is understood as a note, record, information or continuity with the existence of aspirations in society. The city is not only seen as the physical artefacts, but also as a representation of human aspirations in time and space. The form of these buildings and the city that persists through time is a product of history and is something accreted over countless generations and infused with presence and sensation of memory.
Lost Glasgow is an organisation devoted to the documentation, discussion and appreciation of Glasgow’s changing architecture and its community throughout the last few centuries. Acting as a multi-media, interactive archive ‘Lost Glasgow’ allows its followers to share, discuss and learn from the city’s colourful past through like minded individuals and even the city’s own residents.

Circulation Around Atrium

Horizontal Section

Stevenson Street

Ground Floor Plan


London Road

Exhibition Space

Exploded Structural Axo

Central Atrium

Thesis Diagram