MSA Stage 3 School of Architecture

Jidapa Pupunwiwat

Analogue Photograph
UFEX 2021-22
InterACT 2022

UFEX 2021-22

The UFEX is an urban food exchange project in Glasgow City, located by the Scottish Canal, Applecross. It is an exchange of fresh vegetables and prepared food which is to be shared with and distributed to the local and wider communities. In support of Scotland’s aspiration of becoming a ‘Good Food Nation’ and the growing movement of urban farming, we are creating a community for horticultural, agricultural and nutritional learning, production, and exchange. People can exchange for knowledge, skills, and experiences. It is a place that brings together people’s hands, minds, and spirits in creating a creative collaboration with the long-term goal of sustainable urban food production and distribution for the city’s nutritional needs. The main target users will be family and young adults. This is because family is a fundamental for children, especially an eating habit. By educating and providing a simple food and nutrition knowledge to families, it will create a strong, sustainable and resilient infrastructure of cooking and living on a healthy diet in the urban and wider communities. Hence, the project is under the concept of ‘Integrate’; community, energy, landscape and culture.

Project Location

Project Collage

Local Supply Chain

Services and Activity Programmes

Design Development Diagram

Design Diagram in Context

Environmental Design

Building Fabric

Front View

the Hub - Social space

the House - Social space

Back View

InterACT 2022

InterACT simulates a practice-based environment where student of architecture, engineering and quantity surveying are given the opportunity to collaborate in ‘Design Teams’ to resolve a design task. Our team had been designed a four-storey vertical farm on the existing structure of the Temple Gasworks. The cantilevered floors will be supported underneath together with suspension cables support on the inner circle edge that connect with the roof. Etfe roof and wall cladding will be used to maximise the use of natural light, creating a greenhouse. Rainwater will be harvested and collected into a water tank; to be attached on four corners of the external cantilever. The water will then be used for the farming.

Design team:

Architecture student – Ellis Little / Jidapa Pupunwiwat

Engineering student – Abdulrahmen Alkaddour / Mohamed Chawash / Mohamad Khalifa

Quantity surveying student – Charles Molloy / David Crawford

Temple Gasworks, Glasgow

Historic Drawings