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Rhemshah Sajid

Link To The Public Realm

Link To The Public Realm

The urban food exchange project aims to reinvigorate and utilise Glasgow’s historic canal by bringing fresh produce and sourcing it to the local community. This design allows a key link from the street level to the courtyard, allowing the local community to experience the sustainable food production and consumerism of fresh goods. Also taking advantage of the passive solar gain and natural ventilation through the courtyard space. The trees allow for on-site food growing as seasonal vegetable plants grow fast and absorb CO2, also, vegetables are carbon neutral. In terms of the building, the exposed internal timber frame is made from a combination of green Douglas fir, Glu-Laminated Douglas fir beams, and steel connections and bracings. As sustainability is key to the building, whenever possible locally grown and (chemically) untreated timbers are used, and carefully selected construction materials are sourced locally wherever possible. The sustainable use of timber is continued to the external cladding of the building, where it is constructed using untreated timber from site clearance. This not only reduces the construction costs, but it also creates a sustainable and environmentally friendly space for the locals on site. Furthermore, maximising the reduction of on-site construction’s carbon emissions, as the lightweight timber materials make it easier and faster to load materials on-site.


Roof Garden


Communal Space


Roof-Top View

Proposed Floor Plans

Proposed Floor Plan

Site Model

Proposed Block Plan

Perspective Section