In the space I have designed each area in the building to have its own atmosphere with a mix of textiles and furnishings, allowing a narrative through the area. Each floor has details of Glasgow design throughout the years, allowing the style to become distinctive to Glasgow. I want the design to come across as playful, fun and comfortable for the audience using it!


Each floor has a key element as the main theme, so when the user walks first walks into the space on the ground floor, exploration is the theme. The user is welcomed with a help desk area if they need to ask a question about Move or not sure where to go, and beside is a coffee stand available for takeaway for users in the waiting area. The area toward the second entrance is mainly for the bike tours, allowing space for them to enter and exit, come up from the basement and for a check-in station. I have created a mezzanine level in the space to allow more space for users to wait and chill out. For the first floor I have brought in social areas for users to meet new people, socialisation being the theme. There is going to be a café towards Buchanan Street on this floor and a gift shop on the other, which will have works from local artists and designers and a potential workshop station. Learning will be brought to key on the second floor the main area being a showcase of Glasgow’s history, stories of people from and learn where to go and visit in Glasgow. This is will allow a chance for users to read up about Glasgow, have a chance to book day trips, tickets and travel, and an area to sit back and relax. The top floor will be used as an event space allowing workshops and exhibitions to take place, and being available to rent out to companies or locals in Glasgow. Lastly, the basement level has been designed as a back office for the company, staff break room and toilets will also be placed on this floor, and to have storage for the bikes plus suitcase storage. Below is the visuals of the space showing the user’s journey on each floor – I hope you enjoy!

Ground Floor & Mezzanine

Bike Tour Area

Main entrance point

First floor

Cafe area

Gift shop

Second floor

Information this way

Learning station

Third floor

Exhibition example

Workshop example