My design theme is play and also surrounded by the up-cycle waste materials process and its ability to connect me to the environments and objects surround me. My work begins with intensive primary and secondary research, considering a traditional woven design and contemporary art sense. Heavily inspired by tweed textile which exploring different kinds of yarns to crate lovely colour and texture on the surface. The foundations are formed through observational and experimental drawings by using mixed mediums and techniques. Exploring colours, texture and patterns are the three main elements in this project. During the design process combining new material processes with traditional woven structures to create designs with rich colour and lush surfaces. I always encourage myself to find a path by taking risks and applying unexpected, sometimes playful solutions via experimentation and improvisation. By using a Dobby loom, I designed bespoke peg plans and doing hand-woven designs each using a variety of yarns including new exotic yarns, velvet ribbon, wool, and handmade cloth yarn to create different rich, luxurious results. The main collection is woven with 100% lambswool yarn as the warp and mostly fancy yarn can be made up of other yarns as the weft. The use of these two very different yarns has resulted in sturdy fabrics quality, unique, highly complex fabrics, and patterns that are suitable for fashion.
My work is directed at the high fashion marketplace. my project also considers a circular design and zero waste that are more sustainable. I like to push the limits of what fabric can be, reusing redundant Yarns, and most recently, this includes new designs with plastic yarns and recycled yarns.

Material play / collection

Material Exploration

Build up my sculpture made of different materials (paper, toy, foam material, bottles,plastics…) with various structures/forms. Taking a range of photos from different angles. Then I started to draw from the still life.

Observational drawing exploration

Colour Exploration

Mark making

Experimental drawing play with color, pattern and textures. Created a background with different color paper layers ad used ink to drawing pattern and texture over the paper. Adding color by using those expired nail polishes.

Mark-Making Exploration

Mark making has become increasingly important to my work. It is one aspect of drawing but by definition is less Observational and more intuitive. If my previous observational drawing flows from an adult place, whereas mark making is more in touch with my inner child. To loosen up and have some fun. There is color and texture I want to focus on.

Pattern Exploration

Design process

Design work


Design exploration

Colour exploration samples

Samples design


Weave Designs