Second Floor

As you enter the tea room, a sense of tranquility washes over you. The space is minimalist yet elegant, with soft wood and stone textures creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. The bespoke tea table, inspired by Japanese modern design, stretches out before you, its long and narrow form offering a spacious yet intimate setting for sipping on organic Moroccan tea.

On the bespoke shelf screen, inspired by Moroccan designs, tea cups and accessories are carefully arranged, adding to the aesthetic appeal of the room. The balcony, with its intricate Moroccan detailing, provides a stunning view of the courtyard below and the swimming pond building in the distance.

The skylights overhead allow natural light to flood into the tea room, casting a warm glow on the indoor herbal garden on the upper floor. The garden is a striking feature of the tea room, where organic herbs are grown to create a selection of fresh, healthful teas for visitors to enjoy.

As you sit back, sipping on your tea and enjoying the serenity of the space, it’s easy to forget the outside world and lose yourself in the peaceful oasis that is the tea room.

Second Floor Plan

Tea Room


Tea Room Visual

Indoor Herbal Garden