Urban Building

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Contemporary Library in the Barras

This thesis responds to digitisation of three pillars of contemporary society: Labour, Civic Space and Knowledge, with the aim of the project to provide the Barras marketplace a civic gathering space whilst promoting Glasgow’s knowledge economy through a hybridised programme of an open auditorium and a contemporary library.

The Barras Marketplace stands as the antithesis of the contemporary digital-age and can act as a catalyst for a measured response to digitisation, which promotes knowledge and not capitalist gain.

The internet, at the hands of unregulated media conglomerates, has negated the need for a library full of books whilst simultaneously, through Surveillance Capitalism’s economic models, stolen our ability to concentrate on said books by making us addicted to notifications and hyper-connection.

This project creates a subterranean space away from advertising and push-notification that we can reground ourselves and find a place for concentration and contemplation, as well as peer-to-peer knowledge exchange.